Anxiety Cannabidiol Dosing Epilepsy Pain

A Case for Cannabidiol: A Guide to CBD’s Medicinal Potential

For a pdf version, click  The emergence of high cannabidiol (CBD)-marijuana strains and CBD-rich medicinal products over the last 20 years has led to an explosion in the medicinal use of cannabis. CBD is an abundant non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid in cannabis that is thought to convey many of its medicinal benefits. While medicinal use of cannabis […]

Anxiety Cannabidiol Dosing Epilepsy

CBD’s Goldilocks Zone

We often think that if a little of something is good, then a lot must be better. If you’re in a lot of pain, your doctor may tell you to take 4 pills of ibuprofen instead of 2. If your anti-anxiety medication isn’t cutting it, then you’ll be told to up-the-dose. This isn’t the case […]

Cannabidiol Epilepsy

The significance of Dravet Syndrome in the medicinal marijuana movement

Chances are, you haven’t heard of Dravet Syndrome. It’s a relatively rare childhood disorder affecting 1:~20,000 individuals that begins to present itself within the first year of life in otherwise normally developing children. Despite its rarity, the struggle to treat children with Dravet Syndrome has led to some of the strongest evidence in favor of […]