Role of terpenes?

Role of terpenes?Role of terpenes?
Josh Kaplan Staff asked 3 months ago

What role do terpenes play in the effects of cannabis?

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Josh Kaplan Staff answered 3 months ago

This is certainly an active area of research. It’s thought that the terpenes can modulate the effect of the cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD). How it does so, and in what manner is still unclear. But the concept of the “entourage effect” is gaining momentum. The entourage effect suggests that the combination of cannabinoids, in addition to the terpenes they’re dissolved in, can have a greater effect than the individual components on their own. Cracking this code would obviously be of great value medicinally as it would enhance the medicinal powers of THC or CBD alone. As we discussed on the show, cannabis’ Schedule I classification makes it especially challenging to conduct this research. Because of it’s classification, every time you want to research a new component of cannabis (like THC, CBD, or CBDV), you need to gain approval from the DEA, which takes a long time!. To study the entourage effect, again, which includes terpenes, is very challenging with our current restrictions. Israel is on the forefront of trying to understand which components in whole-plant preparations (which includes terpenes) has the greatest medicinal impacts. So we’re just at the beginning of understanding the impacts that different terpenes have on the effects of cannabis. Great question!