I’m deeply honored to have been included in the High Times 100 most influential people in the cannabis field. It sure has been an exciting journey so far!


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Thank you for visiting. I’m a neuroscientist with a passion for communicating science. Beyond the bench, I’m a freelance writer specializing in the science of medicinal cannabis. Over the last decade, medicinal cannabis use has escalated, and patients now have access to an increasing number of products. But despite the increase in public acceptance of cannabis’ medicinal benefits, there’s little scientific information regarding IF it works and HOW it works. In the lab, I seek to answer these questions for conditions such as epilepsy and autism. However, I’ve attempted to address a host of additional cannabis-related health and wellness questions in various articles that have been published across numerous websites. I’ve gathered the links here for easy access. Above, you can click on links that take you to many of my published articles in peer-reviewed journals or media websites. They are organized by topic, website, and peer-review versus freelance work. Please feel free to contact me regarding comments, questions, or professional inquiries. Follow me on Twitter @neurokaplan for the latest in cannabis research news.


The information on this website should not be considered as professional medical advice. It is for informational purposes only and represents my opinions alone.